Latest Fashion Trends - What's in Style for Women's Clothing

Published: 13th May 2011
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Clothes are one of the three basic necessities of life. But when we talk about necessities, what comes to our mind is definitely not anything extravagant, luxurious or classy. However, women's clothing through the centuries consists of all these elements and more. They are not only considered garments to cover one’s body but as an expression of beauty, which not only signifies one woman from another but also one era from another.

Going back to old times, we have seen a huge variety emerging in women's clothing. From Cleopatra’s majestic gowns to the royalty and the touch of elegance in English cocktail dresses and stockings, the hippie retro look followed by the relatively casual look that made dressing up even more comfortable. Earlier, there were corsets for even the not so toned-up women, but now, there exists so many different types of clothing in so many different types of styles to suit the needs of women around the globe; be it in terms of their age, body shape, comfort, or even the extent of conservativeness.

One of the few major reasons that seemed to have brought such changes in women's clothing has been the global impact of recession. Now, women seem to think twice to spend lavishly on clothes considering the price hikes of everything, including textile. Secondly, due to the fast paced life that has been developed over the years, women prefer comfortable easy-to-wear outfits. Their preference has made western and casual yet stylish clothing more common.

Thirdly, women have also become more health conscious now, due to which even sportswear in a wide range of styles is available. Fourthly, even as far as formal wear is concerned, nowadays women prefer clothes with comfortable cuts, clothes that are more sleek and stylish, with only a slight touch of the vintage instead of overly traditional dresses or extremely heavy gowns.

Another change that is witnessed is in the colors of women apparel. From the blacks, browns, light pinks, and whites being more common in the earlier eras. Now brighter colors came into view once the retro style emerged, such as orange, red, yellow, fuchsia, etc. Even today, a vast range of colors and color combinations are used, making women's clothing appear more tender than ever before. Also, trends nowadays focus on day colors and night colors in terms of choosing one’s attire, with focus on the lighter, more subtle colors for the day time and the darker, bolder colors for the night.

Thus, women's clothing seems not to be only a necessity now. They are tailored so as to enable each woman to express her individuality, and the possibilities to choose from are endless.

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